Lichtvorhang WECO, 1m, inkl.Steuereinheit FED 220VAC

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  • Verfügbarkeit:Auf Lager
  • Hersteller:WECO
  • Garantie:24 Monate
  • Code:02210025
  • EAN:02210025
  • Länge der Lichtschranke:1000 mm
  • Gerätespannung:220VAC
  • Anzahl der Strahlbündel:46
  • Akustischer Alarm:JA
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The WECO optical lightcurtain is used to detect an obstacle in the door entrance to the elevator cabin. It thus prevents the closing of the cabin door and the subsequent collision of the cabin wings with an obstacle in the entrance and possible damage to both the wings and the obstacle (person/cargo).

The WECO Type N optical curtain provides a wide range of mounting options with two C-channels; one on the side and one on the back. Side channel allows drilling in place. Suitable for static and dynamic installations.

The optical curtain WECO 03.G5.N46.1000 is equipped with 16 diodes that provide an optical network of 46 beams to detect an obstacle in the elevator door. The optical curtain has a detection distance of up to 4 meters, is made in IP54 protection and is resistant to sunlight.

With its profile height of 1000mm, this optical curtain is suitable for use in small freight and dining elevators.

The package of the optical lighcurtain includes a control unit for the cabin, optical strips (transmitter and receiver), extension cables, mounting accessories and a durable transport case.

Technical parameters of the lightcurtain:

Number of  beams
46 Outputs Relay: 1NO and 1NC
Number of diodes 16 Consumption <= 4W or 100mA at 24VDC
Detection range 0mm – 4000mm Input voltage 220VAC
The lowest beam 20mm LED on the source Green: under voltage
The highest beam 730mm Red: on – beams interrupted/fault
Distance between the diodes 47.5mm Red: off - normal state
Response time 65ms Internal wiring Red: +
Light immunity Immune to sunlight Black:-
Profile height 2000mm Yellow: Synchro
Profile material Aluminium Green: output
IP IP54  
Ambient temperature -20°C - +65°C
Alignment tolerance Vertical: +/- 15mm According to the norm EN 81-20
Alignment tolerance Horizontal: +/- 3mm EMV - Emission EN 12015
LED in the receiver Yellow: live EMV - Immunity EN 12016
Red: on – beams interrupted/fault QMS ISO9001
Red: off - normal state EMS ISO14001